Faux Wood Shutters

Versatile and durable, Faux Wood Shutters resist the damaging effects of moisture and humidity and are the practical alternative to real wood. They are also energy efficient, fire retardant, moisture resistant and child safe. Also available within 3-4 weeks and made in Britain.

We offer a choice of two louvre sizes and a wide variety of styles and made-to-measure shaped options.

These beautiful shutters will suit any room style – from traditional to contemporary, casual to formal…..allowing you to express your individual style at prices designed for all budgets.

  • Combining the traditional warmth and beauty of natural wood with the practical advantages of high-tech materials and intelligent designs
  • Quality engineered using an advanced, solid-corecomposite material that outperforms other shutters. A specially hardened encapsulation ensures a smooth, long-lasting satin finish that stands up to moisture, heat and ultraviolet rays without fading, denting, warping or chipping
  • Energy efficient, faux insulates better than wood, yet is less expensive and easier to care for
  • With these high-tech features, plus impeccable beauty and quality construction these are shutters that can significantly enhance the value of your home, at an extremely affordable price

Features and Benefits

Quality Assurance – Three year guarantee.

Recycable – 100% recyclable.

Child Safe – No cords which could be harmful to children.

Styles – Full Height, Café Style, Tier on Tier & Shaped.

British Manufactured – Fast reliable production service and delivery.

Energy Efficient – Reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce outside noise.

Two louvre sizes –  64mm and 89mm. Optimise your view and maintain your privacy.

Bacteria Free – Advanced composite technology prohibits the growth of fungus or bacteria.

Value – Smart design and production means superb quality at competitive price points.

Care – Easy to maintain with regular dusting and also easily cleaned with ordinary soap and water.

Protected surface – Specially hardened, enhanced surface resists dents, dints, peeling and cracking.

Gorgeous Frames – Decorative frames are fashionable & provide installation solutions for most windows.

Advanced Technology – Manufactured with an advanced composite technology that contains optimum levels of UV inhibitors making them fade resistant.

Stays dry – Resists the damaging effects of moisture, making it a perfect choice for wet or humid environments. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and jacuzzis.

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