Our Inspiration

Shutter Up Your Place was established by Chris Walker whose background in engineering has given him an eye for precision, accuracy and high standards of workmanship.

Chris literally stumbled upon the concept of Plantation Shutters when out shopping for new blinds. He loved the product on first sight and saw how a simple yet hugely aesthetic product could transform a room from ordinary to amazing! He started fitting for a shutter company and was especially keen on ensuring the accuracy and correctness of each installation. However, within 6 months he became frustrated by being rushed to complete jobs. He wanted to take the correct amount of time to ensure customer satisfaction and guard against the potential for call backs.

He was scoring highly on customer satisfaction ratings but felt that his detailed work ethic was constantly being compromised. He knew that he could offer a significantly better service due to his passion for what he does and his desire to see his customer’s response to his work.

This was the simple inspiration behind Shutter Up Your Place.

Our Approach

Our critical eye is ever present throughout the whole process starting with the initial home visit when we pop in to inspire and advise you and take our first measure, allowing us to estimate with accuracy. This is a completely free visit which allows us to explore together what you have in mind, ensuring we ultimately make your shutter dream a reality. We like to spend time with you to explain the various shutter designs and options and help you to make the right choice to complement the style of your windows. We will assess your environment and lighting to make sure everything we recommend is perfectly designed for your home.

Our Fitting Standards

Our approach to fitting includes a realistic assessment of the time needed to fit to the highest standards. We never cut corners which might compromise the high standards of our work.

Unlike some other shutter companies whose fitters are paid per shutter or by the day, we take the time to fit our shutters correctly as the job requires. It’s this type of approach to quality throughout all our processes that is designed to avoid call backs and make sure that the whole customer experience is a great one! We believe that it’s better to take that little bit more time assuring you of a highly professional installation and perfectly fitted shutters.

After fitting we will also show you how to care for your shutters and how to operate them efficiently.

Where pricing is concerned, it’s possible that you may obtain a cheaper price from another company but our assurance to you is one of a quality designed, built and installed product that will last for years.

The four cornerstones of our commitment to you are:

Attention to detail at all stages of your project.

Customer Care that goes above and beyond.

A passion for everything we do.

Service with a smile.

We’ll call you

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