Plantation Shutters are a significant emerging interior décor trend and homeowners are starting to appreciate how shutters can completely transform the look and style of a room, achieving an uncluttered minimalistic look. Window shutters have been used since ancient times for light control and ventilation in warm, sunny climates. Today, thanks to technological advances in window materials and production methods, non-wood shutters have evolved and now capture the imagination of designers around the world.

Shutters create a beautiful impression but also deliver a number of additional and really important benefits:

Insulation – Helps to keep a house warm in winter and cool in summer. Drafts are significantly reduced.

Security – An additional perceived level of security as well as privacy.

Dust control – Reduced dust helps you to manage allergies more easily.

Light Control – Full height style gives total light control.

Energy Efficiency – Helps improve heat retention in colder months.

Moisture resistance – Faux wood material is suitable for kitchens & bathrooms

Fire retardant –  Faux Wood material.

Child safe – Due to no cords required for operation.

Reduced lead times –  Manufactured in the UK (Faux Wood).

Styles and Designs

Shutter Up Your Place has a full range of designs and styles with a solution for every room in your home. We will assess your home, guide you in your selection and advise on colours, finishes and accessories. Choose from this wide range of styles:

Choose from this wide range of styles:

Full Height – Make a statement with full height shutters that cover a window from top to bottom producing a simple and elegant effect.

Café Style – Café Style shutters cover the bottom half of a window for privacy whilst still allowing light to flow into a room. Perfect for overlooked windows.

Tier on Tier – The Tier on Tier design offers the versatility of separate shutters on top of each other. Each opens individually for ultimate light and privacy control.

Solid –  Solid shutter panels do not have louvres and so maximise privacy and help to block out the light completely. Can also be used as room dividers.

Tracked –  This full height style is prefect for patio doors and large windows. They are hinged and run on special tracks.

Shaped – For angled, circular or unusual shaped windows a bespoke shaped panel can be designed to fit most applications.


We have a range of Made To Measure Blinds including:

Venetian Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Roller Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Roof Blinds

Blind Screen

A brilliant new product that incorporates a blackout blind, fly screen or both together. See video on our Home Page.


Our electric Awnings give you perfect shade on sunny and hot days, protecting you and your patio doors from powerful rays.

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